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Jimmy Dick RidersThe Smoking Gun...
Jimmy is a Big Phat Liar?

So a few Guys, maybe a few Girls judging by the Gossip, think that James Sabatino is a Big Phat Liar.

www.weddingskulls.com was launched as shot back at the people who are shooting at James "Jimmy" Sabatino... Basically, this website is his Smoking Gun to shoot back at all of the Gossip Girls.

The following quotes were taken directly from TheSmokingGun.com "...Sabatino was rebuffed by Shakur when the teenager spoke to the performer about a "business offer." In short order, Sabatino and an associate devised a plan to 'set up' the disrespectful Shakur..."

"...As for the claim that Sabatino's father was (or is) a gangster, that is directly contradicted by NYPD and FBI lists of Colombo family members, other FBI documents obtained by TSG..."

"...The New York Times Magazine did report in January 1996 that Combs sent Mustafa Farrakhan to speak with Knight (who refused to meet with the Bad Boy agent). Perhaps Death Row's boss just preferred negotiating with a 5' 5", 220-pound Italian-American kid (Sabatino) rather than Nation of Islam head Louis Farrakhan's son..."

"...Sabatino's convoluted and bizarre motion to gag (Gag Order) Combs (P Diddy), of course, was immediately denied. Judge Stephen T. Brown ruled that the federal inmate's request was moot since the "allegedly confidential documents...are attached to this motion as exhibits..."

"...Sabatino conned dozens of firms out of an assortment of merchandise, including computers, pagers, phones, hotel accommodations, limousine rides, and even 262 tickets to the January 1995 Super Bowl..."

"...Sabatino was arrested in New York City for defrauding the Marriott Marquis hotel. While on bail, he traveled to London and got arrested again, this time for ripping off the Four Seasons hotel..."

"...Sabatino assaulted a federal prison guard and, as a result, was hit with a new felony indictment. Sabatino would subsequently receive a 51-month prison sentence..."

"...Sabatino regularly gets in excess of $2000 deposited into his commissary account, a 'sizable amount' for a federal inmate..."

SmokingGun.com Have Made Snitching a BusinessStop Snitching: In Prison, an inmate's commissary account is the equivalent of a "free world" bank account. TheSmokingGun.com felt the need to post Jimmy's Commissary Account Income... Imagine a website posting the deposits balance of your "free world" Bank Account.

TSG Quote: "...according to several law enforcement sources who examined the documents at TSG's (TheSmokingGun) request.." in other words, TSG gave documents to the Police and asked them to "examine" the documents. Thesmokinggun.com also claims to have FBI Documents. Why would a website obtain FBI documents on a case that they have nothing to do with? Where on the Map? ...Where in the world is it permitted to obtain FBI Documents on a Case that you are not involved with and then tell, spill your guts, TELL your version on something that you had nothing to do with?

TheSmokingGun.com also did the equivalent of wearing a wire. TSG wrote to Jimmy asking for information on Jimmy's Situation... Jimmy Wrote Back. TheSmokingGun.com put Jimmy's entire letter online. They did not tell Jimmy of their intentions of putting the Private letter online.

See Jimmy's Private Letter to TSG online at TSG... (if not at TSG, try here: Letter Front | Letter Back) FYI, on his letter to TSG Jimmy made it clear that he wanted his contact with thesmokinggun.com to be "Off the Record".

The Truth

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Jimmy's Prison PicSabatino will serve out his time at
a Max Security Counter Terrorism Unit

The Federal Bureau Of Prisons and the US Dept. of Justice has transferred James "Jimmy" Sabatino's custody into the care of the newly formed "Counter Terrorism Unit"

According to the US Dept of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) activated the Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) in the year of 2006 to enhance counter Terrorism Operations. With Headquarters located in Martinsburg, West VA., the CTU operates the security of 3 separate self contained units inside of the BOP... there is a Terrorism Unit at FCC Terre Haute, IN., there is a Terrorism Unit at USP Marion, and there is a Terrorism Unit at ADX Colorado. On June 3, 2008 Jimmy was transferred to USP Marion pending available space at the Federal Super Max ADX in Florence Colorado. Jimmy will serve out the remainder of his prison sentence inside of a Maximum Security / Super Max Security Federal Penitentiary inside of a Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU). On most days, Jimmy spends 23 hours of a 24 hour day locked inside of a prison cell. He is allowed to leave his cell for only one hour per day. The conditions inside of a Counter Terrorism Unit are very severe. Jimmy claims that inmates housed inside of a Counter Terrorism Unit are often disrespected and treated rudely by Prison Staff and Officers. "...on Election Night 2008 when it became clear that Barack Obama would win the Presidency of the United States of America, Prison Guards inside of the Counter Terrorism Unit decided to did hang up a Picture of George W. Bush..." Barack Obama Sr. (President Barack Obama's Father) was born into a Muslim family and most of the inmates who are housed inside of the Counter Terrorism Unit have a Muslim/Islamic Background. Most of the inmates inside of the Counter Terrorism Unit were rounded up and arrested under the George W. Bush Presidency. "...By hanging up a picture of G.W. Bush, Prison Guards were purposely creating a Hostile Volatile environment inside of the Prison's CTU..."

- James Jimmy Sabatino